“New Love.” Passages North, forthcoming Spring 2021. 
“Pink Ice.” The Spectacle. Spring 2019.
“Mara’s Antlers.” The Mississippi Review. Spring 2019 (46.3) 
“Appraisal,” a collaboration with photographer Hannah Ryan. 7×7. Winter 2018. 
“Misidentification.” Yemassee. Spring 2017. 
“Borrower Pond Mermaid.” Tusculum Review. Winter 2017. 
Three stories, Juked, Winter 2016. 
“Spirit of Halloween: Post-Nuclear Family Edition.” Wigleaf. Fall 2015.
“Pearl Active Tampax Soccer Girl,” Parcel. Fall 2015.
“The Parents’ Guide to Ultrasport Children,” Washington Square Review . Spring 2015

“ActivAmerica,” Bluestem. Spring 2015.

“The All-Mutant Soccer Team,” Joyland Magazine. 

“America’s Funniest Home Videos 25,857: Helicopter Dad,” DIAGRAM. 

“Portrait of My Father as Foosball Man, 1972-2012,” Corium Magazine. 

“The Hawthorne Dynasty,” (fiction), PANK Print Issue 8.

“Autumn Begins in Hawthorne, New York,” Puerto Del Sol. (PDF)

“Greyhound,” (fiction), NOÖ Journal. 

“Artesian Grand Bahama Hot Tub, Winter 2005,” (fiction), Ardor.

“Olympic Visitation: How Mary Lou Retton Took Over Our Lives in the Summer of 1994,” (fiction), Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature. 28.1. 

“Turkey Mountain Hike, Spring 1989,” (fiction), The Adirondack Review.

“Martian Sends a Postcard from Raging Rapids, East Fishkill, New York,” (poetry), Palooka, Issue 4.

“Love Song For Ellipticals After Divorce,” (fiction), Stymie: a Journal of Sport and Literature: The Feminine Perspective Issue.  .

“Ping-Pong, 12 Loring Place” Hobart.

“Jews in Sports,” (fiction), Grist: a Journal for Writers.

“Egg Toss, August 1989,”  (fiction), SmokeLong Quarterly.

“Calling All Soloflex Men,” (fiction), The Pinch.

“The Night Game,” (fiction), Prism Review.

“Two Girls at Play,” (fiction), Hayden’s Ferry Review.

“Girlhunt, Spring 1999,” (fiction), Devil’s Lake. 

“The Body in Space,” (fiction), ekleksographia, 

“Horse Head with Comb by Mattel,” The Vestal Review. 

“The Wheeled Woman,” (fiction), The Clackamas Literary Review.

“The Candy House of Roscoe, New York,” (fiction), Carve Magazine.

“My Highest Recommendation,”(fiction), The Minnetonka Review

“Pas De Chat,” (fiction), The South Carolina Review.


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