Magic Helicopter Press, 2014

Praise for Range of Motion: 

“‘Maybe it isn’t half bad, tearing your life down now and then,’ the father muses on one of the last good nights, drunk on rum and cokes and the thick amber light. I love these stories because it’s clear Cass loves her characters. No one’s at fault here; we’re all just doing our best.”

Mary Miller

“In Range of Motion, Megan Cass performs the magic trick of presenting the inner lives of an entire family with novelistic depth in less than 60 pages. ” –PANK

“It’s a story of people…making a genuine effort to understand themselves and each other, whether they be aliens, spouses, or children. It’s a strong reminder that we live in our bodies, and we carry our lives with us in our bones and muscles.”–The Collagist

“Rooted in realism with a touch of the fantastic, Cass invites you into a small world but one full of high stakes: one where kids advancing into an upper-level soccer league can lead their parents astray, one where a family dog only pushes a mother deeper into depression, one where a new hot tub drives a wedge further between a husband and wife. “–Vouched

You can order a copy from Magic Helicopter Press here!

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